“I have not hidden My Face from you,” says The LORD.

“I AM fully aware of you, and you are always in My Sight. My Ways are not hidden from you either.

“I will always give you direction, always illuminate the path that I want you to take, and you will always have My Voice that is NOT silent, but actively speaking and communicating with you,” says The LORD.

“You have light,” says The LORD.

“Darkness is not your destiny, and defeat is never an option. I do not give you three or four plans in case the original one is inept.

“Plan A is always on the table, and will work. I do not need to go back and adjust things to suit new circumstances or unexpected difficulties.

“I know what I AM doing, what I have purposed, and what I have spoken. I will be the cause and the effect, and there is NO POWER that can stop Me.

“Trust that I have not changed My Ways, My Plans, My Purposes, or My Will.

“I will do what others deem as impossible, for I know NO limitations. I cannot forfeit MY PLANS and purposes to fit into a culture of evil and put out my light so that darkness can be predominant.

“I came to destroy the works of darkness and defeat the evil one. Be assured that I will fulfill everything that I set forth to do, and there will be NO CONTEST.

“I AM the Sovereign, and as you entrust Me with your life and destiny, you will not be bound by the forces of darkness, but you will walk freely in the light, and do as I have done, so that My Kingdom of Righteousness will be established on earth as it is in heaven,” says The LORD.

Source: God is Sovereign ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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