Speak my words. I have enmity with mankind.

There are two types of men. There is the wheat who bows down to me. Then there are the tares which stand tall and proud.

My Kingdom comes quickly for this land. Those who live will quickly learn I am the Lord God Almighty, Who was, Who is, Who is to come. There is only one God, that is I.

They ignore my signs and wonders. They scoff at my people and prophets. What say you?

I will soon endow power from on high upon my true followers. EVERYONE will know they are mine. The oil and wine shall not be harmed. I have assigned mighty warrior angels to watch over them. Satan may try to kill them, but, my hand is upon them. He will not succeed.

I am separating my sheep from the sheep. This is the “church”. Many who claim to know me. I say, REPENT!!! I do not know you. Get your hearts right before me or I will send you away to eternal damnation.

Do not be fooled by the God of this world. Do not partake in the kings delicacies or you yourselves may be swept up. My people perish daily for lack of knowledge. DAILY!

Do not be one of them. Fill your lives up with me, my word for the coming days. I have and will equip all who come to me with contrite hearts.

I love you! I love all mankind, every creature. This is why I continue to call you. Why I continue to stand at the door and knock. I will continue to call until the very moment I come for my bride. If you are not ready, I am so sorry. It hurts my heart to leave you, but, I must. I will leave you for further refinement. It will be extremely difficult to continue. Many will turn from me and not believe in me any longer. I promise you , there will be no one to blame but you. When you stand before my father on judgment day, every opportunity you had to come to me, every rejection of me, every sin you chose over me will be presented to you. You will be found guilty without your lawyer, (Jesus). Your prosecutor, (Satan), will present his case. God will have no choice but to find you guilty and send you away.

(He wants me to ask you where you think our court system came from).

Continue reading at source: The choice has always been yours (wixsite.com)

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