The people who are in your lives are not there by coincidence!

We all have a common mission to pray for others, especially those that are disconnected from the heart of their Heavenly Father.

We have been given the ministry of reconciliation to pray people back into relationship. Sometimes we don’t quite know what to pray, or perhaps we think that those that we pray for do not want that relationship with The LORD for themselves.

Don’t let the enemy convince you that you are infringing on someone else’s will by praying for their salvation.

How can a person reject a relationship with their heavenly Father, if they have truly never experienced it before?

People can have many defenses and arguments built up in their mind, but those are the arguments that the enemy has put there to keep that person from experiencing forgiveness of sin, a restored relationship with their Heavenly Father and peace with God.

What person in their right mind would not want the assurance of knowing that their sins are forgiven and that they are right with God?

Let us lift the heavy burdens of guilt, shame, and sickness of soul from the hearts and minds of others as we pray for them.

Each person has an appointed day, a scheduled time on God’s calendar where they have clarity of mind and revelation has been shown to them so that they can make an informed decision for themselves, and it is our prayers that lead them to their appointed time.

God’s desire is to turn the hearts of those that have been wandering and disconnected back to Him.

This is part of our mission here on Earth.

Not sure what to pray? Be specific and ask for that loved one by name.

Father God,

I asked You on behalf of myself and my family and specifically for those that have yet to experience a relationship with You, that You would give us minds ready to receive Your Wisdom and Revelation.

I ask You to give each one of us personal experiences with the Living God so that we can truly know You.

Open the eyes of our hearts and let the light of Your Truth flood in. Shine Your Light on the hope You are calling us to embrace.

Reveal to us the glorious riches You are preparing as our inheritance.

Let us each see the full extent of Your Power that is at work not only in those of us that believe, but in those also that You are calling to be Sons and Daughters.

I ask You to get truth around the lies, arguments, and accusations that the enemy has built up in people’s minds.

I specifically ask You for ________’s Salvation, and that Your Holy Spirit reveals their need for Jesus to be their Savior.

I asked you to put Your Prayer in their heart and on their lips so that they may be saved, and I pray that this is Your Appointed Time for them to come into The Kingdom of God.

May this be done according to Your Will, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Source: Praying for The People in Your Life ~ by Laura Gagnon

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