“Stand up for what is right, even if you have to stand alone,” says The LORD.

“Honor is better than approval of others. Don’t fear rejection. They despised and rejected Me! But I will never reject you, despise you, nor forsake you.

“My Kingdom is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in My Holy SPIRIT. There is no place of unrighteousness.

“It is so vital that MY RIGHTEOUSNESS was placed in you because of your trust in Me and My finished work on The Cross. I made you righteous and holy, so stand in it, unashamed and boldly,” says The LORD.

“I will reward you for your faithfulness, and your name will be linked with Mine,” says The LORD.

“You will be My vessel of honor, and I will fill you to capacity and overflowing with My Holy SPIRIT, and anoint you, and use you for My Glory.

“My Angels will ascend and descend upon you, and your life will become a sign and a wonder, as you walk uprightly and do the works of righteousness that will mark you as My Own,” says The LORD.

Source: Works of Righteousness Will Mark You as HIS Own ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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