“Although things are intensifying around you, and many are fearful, do not join the ranks of the fearful and unbelieving,” says The LORD.

“Be quiet. Be at peace. Be assured that I AM on task, on time, aware, and NOT SLEEPING. I AM with you, and I want you to REST, knowing that you will not drown in the stormy seas of life.

“You will not go under, but you will reach the other side, safely, securely, because I AM with you, shielding you, under girding you, covering you, surrounding you, and you need not fear,” says The LORD.

“Be tranquil, even when things are shaking all around you,” says The LORD.

“I AM your sure foundation, as you hear My Word, Speak it, and believe it. Be a doer of it, and when I said, be anxious for NOTHING, I meant it.

“At all times you can entrust every care of your life and those you love to Me. I AM that place of safety and shelter in EVERY STORM, and nothing can shake you, bend you, push you back, destroy you, because I AM the ONE who stands next to you to keep you safe and secure, provision you, uphold you, and you can depend upon My faithfulness,” says The LORD.

Source: Fear — Fear NOT! ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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