“Put your full trust in Me,” says The LORD.

“Give me access to your entire life. Do not reserve portions that you will not relinquish control over. Abandon yourself fully in My Presence and press into My Glory.

“For not only will you experience My Glory, but I will press it into you and cause you to be a carrier of it. When you carry My Glory, you carry the fullness of My Spirit.

“Will you be a carrier of My Glory, I ask?

“Will you fully and completely entrust your life to Me?

“It is not giving up anything, but as you entrust yourself completely to Me, you gain everything that I have for you which is superior to anything that you or anyone else can give,” says The LORD.

“Believe that I will do great and mighty things in the midst of YOU personally,” says The LORD.

“Believe that I will not keep you back from experiencing completeness in your life. I will complete you. I will fulfill you. I will provision you. Everything you need is within My Presence and power.

“Come desperate. Come empty. Come wholly into My presence and give yourself fully to Me. Let your earnest desire be that My Will is accomplished in your life and in those that you love, and watch ME perform the miraculous.

“Watch Me heal all the wounds of the past and grant you your highest hearts desire. I AM able and willing to do all things if you will fully trust in Me and allow My will to be accomplished in you at all times.

“You will not be disappointed, for I will not only give you the desire of your heart, but will exceed your greatest expectations if you will abandon yourself fully and completely onto Me,” says The LORD.

Source: Put Your Full Trust in The LORD! ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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