My children,

There will be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars, seas roaring. DO NOT FEAR!!! All these things must come to pass . You will marvel at the skys. DO NOT BE DECIEVED!!!

The enemy wars with my children. Many are already deceived because they have no love for the truth. That is on them, not you. They failed to hear your warnings, they failed to listen to the messages I placed at their very feet. They are the unwise virgins. They will be subjected to further refinements. Do not weep for them. Pray for them. Pray for them to have the desire for the truth. Many who are called by my name have no desire for the truth. My word says worship me in spirit and in TRUTH. Notice what is missing with your brothers and sisters?

My children, I feel your love for me, your hunger for the truth, you sitting at my feet and desiring to know more of me. Our love will bloom as a rose. But, my love never dies. In heaven nothing dies, including roses.

Ask me what you need to get done/ready for what is coming. It is not possible to prepare in the flesh. But, with me all things are possible. I deliver my children, I provide for my children. You saw what I did with the 5 loaves of bread? I will multiply your store houses if you share with my children. Pray for discernment. I will tell you who to help and who is a devil posing as one of mine. Your walks with me must be spiritually aligned with my spirit. I have angels all around you, but, they are for you to direct. I have given you access to everything. Use it.

Take these last moments of silence with me. When the chaos of the enemy ensues, it will be difficult for some of You to gain access to The Secret Place as you are now. Use your authority and dominion to sweep your prayer closets before entering. (for all interruptions during our time together)

Remember, I do not lie, I do not tempt, I do not trap or deceive.

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