The Lord brought me into an encounter on 6-6-21 in Massachusetts, and an angel came that was made of blue lightning bolts. His whole being was flashing flowing lightning. He had white hair that was blowing backwards as he watched me. His facial features were chiseled and yet they were not fierce. He had what looked to me like little white arrows swirling within the lightning, but upon further inspection, they were not arrows at all but swirling wind within his lightning. He patiently waited till I was finished looking him over, which seemed to amuse him greatly. Then He said, “My name is Acceleration.”

He then said, “Many of Gods people have been crying out for help, for breakthroughs, for healing, and for their promises and purposes to be fulfilled by the Lord. I have been sent to many to bring an acceleration into their lives so that they can arrive at the place where these things can come to pass. You are not just in a Shift, or a New Level or Season. You are in a Great Acceleration which will propel you all forwards to where you need to be, so that when we agree, it can come forth as it has been written for you.”

“The Winds of Change blow to bring a cleansing and a rearranging of everything that is no longer needed in a a specific season and it also shatters the hinderances that resist all of you so that the new can come forth for your lives. The Light and the Lightnings of God also bring change. The Lightnings of God are flashing in the earth, and you must see that the greater changes are now becoming more evident as the momentum of Transformation grows. I bring the Wind and the Lightning which accelerates your process of change and I bring to birth the New Heavenly Realities that you are called to walk in. Get ready for more changes and new directions. Cast your cares and your fears upon Him and yield to the Turbulences that will certainly grow. I am here to help you know so that you all can stay yourselves upon Him in complete trust and let the Rearranging Winds and the Lightnings of Acceleration bring you all fully in to the things about to begin!”

“You have positioned yourselves in prayer in agreement with the will of the Father in the heavens and upon the earth and because of that agreement that you have made I have been sent to you to bring the needed acceleration for the full manifestation of your prayer transactions, so that you all can walk in them and fulfill them! Get ready for a greater thrust of Faith that will be needed to go forwards and position yourself to yield to Him in deeper ways in the coming days. The deeper your trust in Him- it will empower the thrust that you will encounter, and this will bring the acceleration into your manifestation of the destinations that He has written for each of you. Do not be afraid of the shakings in the earth, get your eyes upon Him! Join your faith to Him! The Greater Accelerations will now begin!”

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