Lord Jesus says:

“Man’s religion has stolen much from My Bride. Her confidence before Me. An awareness of how beautiful She is to Me. Her freedom to speak and be a witness of My Love. In this season, I am destroying the bondages man’s religion has put on Her using revelations from Heaven, so she will walk JUST as free as the part of My Church in Heaven now walks in: Free to approach Me with GREAT BOLDNESS like those in Heaven approach Me, without ANY sense of condemnation, Boldness to worship Me as those in Heaven worship Me, Boldness to command mighty miracles and do great exploits in My Name, and Boldness to share the Gospel with Mighty Signs and Wonders no matter what comes against them, knowing that I am with them, and every place they put their feet I have given them, so that the Great Commission will be accomplished, and then I can return to bring My Bride to be with Me.”

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