You have continually debased yourselves My Children! By watching for hours on end videos, films and TV, with gratuitous violence and evil programmed distraction. This has gone on for decades now (since the 1960’s). Some have gone further and become obsessed and possessed, by these flickering images of filth. But you call it a harmless pastime: Entertainment.

Now the digital reality is stepping live through the “Black Mirror” screens into your present day reality. Indeed demons can enter your rooms and manifest in the physical. Years ago it was possible for some cell phones (i.e. NOKIA) to dial up your cortex You think your thumbs and forefingers are in control? Think Again! You are slaves to your tech toys. You hold them in your hands all day, you bow your heads to these your lords, your leaders, your idols, your handlers; as you walk, eat, talk text, photograph, drive. Some leave them on when they sleep. Poor, sad, deluded and enchained Children.

I AM will soon cut your umbilical cord to the snake king’s tech toys leading strings. They Will Go Silent! What Will You Do Then? Get Ready!



1. It was revealed to me years back that Heaven informed a woman in the 1880’s that satan would use flickering images in the future to destroy many souls of humanity. This was before the advent of moving images were invented. Movies were originally called “the flickers,” back in the early 1900’s.

2. The “Black Mirror” is not widely known outside occult circles but there are a few researchers who have focused on this diabolical technique. An ancient occult way of calling up the spirits, some of the surfaces in the past were oil, black coffee or tea, glass painted black on one side, black crystal or flat pieces of obsidian.

Children The Occult Black Screen Mirror Is Your Handler – Pollox – 444 Prophecy News

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