During our Church Service this morning I saw in The Spirit, molten Gold and molten Silver spreading over the face of the earth, swirling together in pools of molten metal.

God has been sending the treasure of His divine nature to all who have been calling upon Him in Spirit and truth.

There is far more to His Treasure than we can possibly fathom, for He looks upon us as Apples of Gold in settings of Silver.

He has declared that He has been placing you upon His own Hand, as jewels placed in His Signet Ring. “And they shall be Mine,” says The LORD, “when I make up My Jewels.”

He has placed you in your positions as Gold and Dilver flowing in Rivers, carrying The Word That Is Sent as Rhema to the Anointed.

“Therefore, The Redeemed of The LORD shall return; and come with singing unto Zion, and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads. They shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorry and mourning shall flee away.

No more shall you call yourself forsaken,” says The LORD, “for I have taken the forsaken position away from you.

I, Myself AM your redeemer. You are My Servants in whom I take great delight, for you have delighted yourself in the presence of The LORD.

For the desire of the Righteous shall be granted. Hereby are you cleansed, by The Word that I have spoken unto you,” says The LORD.

“The Spirit of The LORD is upon you, and He has anointed you.” says The LORD.

Source: As Gold And Silver Flowing ~ by Thomas Downes

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