Aug 18/21 9:45 AM

My daughter write my words,

Those who have yet to know, to feel My goodness, My blessings, My love, and mercy, these are who I long to reach. So many in this world are in great need of My loving embrace. They don’t realize their salvation is ever before them, they have only to reach out and grab hold. At which point I come in and create in them a new heart, free from the bondage, the dross, and all the damage that has been done to my precious soul would be healed. I long to help them. I long to be received. I long for them to acknowledge and respond to the inspiration in their heart that was placed there by the prayers of the saved for the unsaved. They have but to call on Me to come in to them and all will change. I will remove all that has hindered and hurt them and will fill them with My love, mercy and grace, to know me, to learn that I am their biggest supporter, their greatest helper, healer and deliver.

Please My bride, please pray for those precious souls who have been beaten down by the enemy, who see themselves as unworthy to come to Me. Pray for inspiration and courage that they will take that much needed step in calling on Me and I will take over and begin My healing in their lives. So many, so so many are afraid they’ve done too much, that their sins are so many, they cannot find redemption. But I AM God and I forgive all sins that are confessed and laid out before Me. There is not one thing that man has done that I have not already forgiven in a soul. My jewels, come to me. Call My name, ask Me in and watch what I will do for you. Watch what amazing transformations will take hold of your heart and My peace, My rest, My grace, mercy and forgiveness will fill you and you will find rest from the weariness of this life, of this world you are drenched in. My love cleanses the dross and renews your soul. I restore and make new. Come, all who are heavy and longing to be rid of the heaviness and burdens you carry. Give them to Me and in exchange, I will pour out My love. I will lavish you with a love you never even knew existed. You will find the joy and peace you seek. You will find it in Me, the Author and Finisher of My beloved creation, My child.

Almighty God

Source: MY LOVING EMBRACE – Teri Henessey

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