Beloved, today in a Vision I heard the conductor calling in the distance, “ALL ABOARD” and I there was a huge train coming down the track.

There were shouts of STOPSTOP!…. as there are more people coming…

I said, “LORD, what does this mean?”

Quite a while ago The LORD gave me a prophecy about The Glory Train, but this time I saw and heard passengers shouting with desperate cries.

The LORD answered and said, “STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN. It is time to come to a FULL STOP. STOP and give me your FULL ATTENTION.

I AM giving you a STOP SIGN today to make an announcement.” says The LORD of all the earth.

“The people of the world are like the blind leading the blind, and I have come to tell those of you who have been blinded the TRUTH.

The bright light you see coming toward you is My Light of Truth to dispel the darkness in all who have been ‘side-tracked’ and have not been able to get back on track.

I AM shouting, “ALL ABOARD!” to those who have ears to hear.

I say STOP and LOOK at Me. I AM conducting a ride to give NEW DAY instructions and get My chosen Passengers back on the right track.

All of the betrayals, treasonous activity has railroaded multitudes of people who were targeted for The Glory Train.

The politically correct culture has conducted a massive fear excursion that has been wide spread and designed to affect ‘even the very elect’. (As I warned in my Word.)

Their BIG white lie said, we are here to protect. The deceptive false information was a shot in the dark,” reports the All Knowing LORD.

“But I AM here to give My very Elect a Boarding Pass to the ride of their lives. The Boarding Pass includes a commitment to Obey with a willing heart, forgive, and remain in love and surrender all going forth to release The Power of The Blood that Heals, Cleanses, and Delivers,” says The Holy Spirit.

This is a time to STOP (a full stop), LOOK (calling all watchmen to attention) and Listen (with a quiet, still heart) for we must be in the LISTENING mode to carry out His Word precisely and effectively.

As I pondered what The LORD was showing me, I knew this is a time for the invisible world to be called forth into visibility in faith believing.

It is time to Press in, Stand still and see the Salvation of The LORD.

We have been fully warned, fully prepared with the weapons of our warfare, and the battle belongs to The LORD.

He has trained our hands to war. He has called us as Watchmen on the Wall and appointed us to stand in the gap as we unite AS ONE and take back everything the enemy has stolen.

Some will be travailing to prevail as we bring to birth many things that are overdue. I am calling forth the Prophets to bring exposure to the enemy’s strategies and speak forth the advantage and authority of having the upper hand.

It is a set time to recognize, release, restore and take care not to be emotionally entangled or ensnared by the fowler as we trust The LORD and take a stand against this deadly plague My we be totally tuned in to the Heartbeat of God we fight for the total recovery and restoration of all the nations.

“Surely He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler, and from the deadly plague.” Psalm 91:3.

The Father is saying, ”I AM on a mission to commission all those who are the End-time Army delegated to establish the true real NEW WORLD ORDER that shall be governed under the rule of Heavenly places.

It is a new day for a complete revolution and indoctrination of Truth.

I AM sending Judah first,” states the Captain of The LORD of Hosts. “I AM sending out a call to all the volunteers in the Judah Company to join together as Worship Warriors.

There will be Angelic Armies staying by and ministering for and with you as you go forth into battle. This is the first move to get on track and stay on track.

We will be traveling “full speed ahead” for I AM the only WAY out,” says The Way Maker.

“It is the fullness of time to march forward as a mature warrior Bride. My last order for this day is a warning: to maintain a militant mindset; prepare your minds for action; stay alert at all times and stay focused with a single eye on the prize. The high prize is total Victory!

Beloved, there truly shall be a Glory Train and it shall be filled with “glory stories” as My Glory covers the whole earth.” says The LORD of Glory.

Source: Stop, Look and Listen ~ by Sandi Holman

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