May God Almighty bless you all brothers and sisters in Christ.

I want to share two dreams I received from the Holy Spirit.

April, 2021

I was on a trip with my brother. It looked like a very nice place. We got in the car and headed off to our unknown destination. I started driving, and we had a nice view of what looked like a big mountain. Suddenly, we saw a huge cloud of ash, it was colossal, I saw the cloud of ash elevating way high in the sky. It was a volcano erupting. My brother asked me to turn back since we were heading towards the eruption.

When I was turning back and looking for shelter, The Spirit of God said; first Italy then Mexico.

I have felt in my spirit that both nations will be greatly affected by volcano’s eruptions. This will be a means of judgment the God Almighty will use, for numerous are their abominations and blasphemies against Him. Full of idolatry, sorcery and witchcraft, human trafficking, and sexual perversion. The LORD has been asking for repentance, but they refuse to hear.

On August 1st, 2021

I saw a great flood. At first, I didn’t know where it was, but the Spirit of God revealed that it was the Philippines I was observing.

I believe that neither of the dreams need interpretation.

Please, let’s pray for mercy for all these nations. God is attentive to our prayers. He reveals not only to warn his people, but also for his people to pray for mercy. This will not stop his judgment, but it might lessen them. Let’s pray for these nations to turn to God in repentance.

As usual, take these revelations in prayer to the Father for confirmation.

All glory and honor to my Heavenly Father, to his beloved son Jesus, and to his powerful Holy Spirit.


Source: First Italy then Mexico, also floods in Philippines – Noel Castillo

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