Sept 6/21 1:20 PM

Daughter write My words,

You can do nothing without Me for you are empty. An empty vessel, ready to be moulded and re-created into what I deem for you. I AM the potter and you are the clay. A willing vessel will experience My hand moving, changing, re-creating into My vision of who I long for you to be. I see each of you a certain way and I will begin this process of real change. My grace abounds, bringing all who are willing, higher, ever so higher into My calling for you, My plan and will for each of you. Only I can make these adjustments, these amendments in you, for without Me you can do nothing.

My masses are ready to be harvested, ready to hear what the Spirit says to the churches. They will and are willing to turn for answers, for solutions to the problems now presented to them. They seek guidance and the knowledge of salvation. This is where My Bride, My Remnant comes in. Ready and moulded into perfection by My hand, made in My image and likeness, bearing My glory and virtues, presenting the fruits of My Spirit. My Bride will bring answers, guidance, and the knowledge of their need of repentance and deliverance into sweet salvation of their once lost souls. You will be and are victorious My children, for you have passed the tests I placed before you. You have waited patiently, remaining faithful to Me alone, your Creator, your King, and I send you all out now to bring in My divine harvest of souls. You have withstood the fires and came out refined, purified and ready, filled with My strength, My glory, My grace, and My love. Bring home My children darling Bride and then we will go home. Your real home. Where the greatest celebration awaits you. The time has come My soldiers. Training comes to an end and the real life battle begins. Ready your hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits. Seek Me often to renew and refresh anything that grows weary. Be in My word, be in Me. For soon we all go home together with those who now come forward with a new heart, open eyes and embracing My truth.

Bless you all My children, My Bride.

ABBA Father

Source: Training comes to an end and the real life battle begins – Teri Henessey

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