word received this morning from ABBA Father.

Sept 8/21 9:30 AM

My daughter write my words,

This world is about to experience a time like no other in the history of the earth. Since the days of Adam and Eve, nothing on this earth has ever been able to be compared to the atrocities that are about to take place. My children are not ready, for their hearts will indeed fail them for fear of what they will witness and be exposed to. My children, listen to your Father, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and The Ending: I do not continually send warning after warning, just for the sake of talking. I warn and warn for YOUR sakes. So that you can receive My Son as your Savior, so that your salvation is secure. Where are you going otherwise? Only I know and only I will have mercy on whom I choose, for only I know the heart of each man, woman and child.

These warnings are coming across to some as a serious cry for their salvation, but to others, no more than a broken record. Children, it is the time to secure your soul. SOS should be in your heart, crying out ABBA Father, in sincere repentance. Please My children, please prepare yourselves. Die to self, crucify your flesh, repent of your sins and surrender your lives to the only one who can save you from an eternal separation from I AM. I AM loves each, for I AM no respecter of anyone. My love for the lost is the same as my love for those who are already Mine. Please wake up, My sleeping children. I AM calling you to wake up and receive My truth for it is the only truth. Events about to unfold will cause death and destruction like no other time in history and where you end up must be rectified by all who are yet to receive Me. I AM your Father. I AM your Creator. I AM your Maker and I have always loved you and long for each and every redeemable soul on this earth to be with Me in the coming Reign of Peace. Won’t you wake up children. WAKE UP!

With My Peace and Joy, I offer you salvation
ABBA Father

Source: WAKE UP! – Teri Henessey

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