Blessings brothers and sisters in Christ,

Once again I am sharing this word understanding that it is written not just for one but for many…

Sept 9/21 11:45 AM

My daughter write My words,

You are a Servant of the Most High, but you are also My daughter. A child so deeply loved by her Father and not one thing in heaven or earth will ever change that fact. I have a longing for you to know within yourself how much you mean to Me. But I also know that as a result of the life you have lived, that feat will not be accomplished until the moment of your transformation. At that moment, you will no longer doubt how I feel about you. You will no longer waiver, you will no longer shrink back or run away. That day is so very near. It is coming and all I ask of you is to just “hold on”. Hold on to Me, just like the song says. Cleave to Me. I AM your everything and there is nothing else. No where else for you to seek refuge or comfort. It is I who protects you child. It is I who loves you. Just hold on to Me and don’t let go. The day is coming when this ‘way’ will be a thing of the past. In comparison to the glory that will shine from you, your hurts, pains, and suffering will seem so insignificant. I know you can’t truly comprehend this, that you can’t actually imagine, there being something so incredible that will change in you that will make your ‘pains’ dwarf in comparison, but you will understand when that day comes. Your anointing is not just a quick feeling, it is a permanent transformation. It will change everything you are from the inside out. I have you My precious child. And I know that for so many of you, it is truly a struggle to remain always steadfast, strong and resilient. My grace is sufficient in helping each of you to keep going. It is My strength that I place in you with every bomb that explodes in your face. If it wasn’t for My grace of strength and My carrying you from time to time, none of you would be where you are. You all would have given up because the battle would have been too great. But you can do it, because I AM with you. Right beside each of you. It is My strength that helps you to keep walking through this land mine. It is natural to want to run from the bombs exploding all around you, but it is I AM who places supernatural instinct, insight knowledge, and wisdom that causes you to keep going. There are incredible rewards, including My glory being poured out in full measure, waiting for each of you at the end of this field of land mines. Keep going. You will make it. I AM seeing to it that you will, you have the victory. You’re almost there!

ABBA Father

Source: Transformation – Teri Henessey

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