“My Times” – Julia Arndt, 5/22/21

Posted: September 11, 2021 in Fear is NOT an option for God's remnant. Be bold in faith!, Holy, JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!

May 19, 2021: I’m awake at 3 a.m. I’ve tossed and turned since I went to bed. I play my Bible app at night. It went off at 2:45. I rolled over and turned it on. It went off again at 2:50. I rolled over and turned it on again. I laid back and thought, “If that goes off again, I’ll get up.” It went off for the third time at 2:55. So I got up.

I came downstairs, and began reading my Bible, with my journal and pen handy. I knew He wanted to speak. When He did start speaking, I ended up with two different messages.

**as always, test the spirits and search the Scriptures**

This is Message #1:

“I AM Jehovah Jireh your provider. Depend on Me. There will come a time when you think you can’t, but I Am still here.

I AM Adonai. I AM Who Was and Is and Is To Come. My Word goes forth into the world and it does not come back to Me void. I accomplish what I promise. What have I promised you? To take care of you, to provide for you. You need only Me. Look to Me for your comfort. Look to Me as your provider. I have your days in My hand, no one else. I AM the Lord God, Most High, Creator of heaven and earth.

I love you. Your times are in My hands. I created you, My Children, can you not see Me in the world I created around you? In the rocks and the trees, they cry out to Me.

You don’t know how short your time is. You say that “soon” in the Bible can mean anything but now I say soon and I mean, SOON! It is so short! You have no idea what is coming upon you, My children! Life is about to change drastically, you thought it changed in 2020 with Covid. You haven’t see anything yet!

Hold onto Me! It is My time, I judge the earth on My time. My times are My times. Don’t get sleepy or tired of waiting. Most of you are asleep. You say “we’ve been hearing about that (last days) all our lives and it hasn’t happened yet”, but It (Revelation) is coming!

This earth must judged. I must judge the sin, the cup of iniquity is full, it is spilling over filth and blood and death. My time to judge has come.

Get ready, I will take some of you out. Some of you, I will not. Forget what you have learned, it has all been error. NO ONE knows the day or the hour of the coming of the Son of Man and NO ONE knows the timing of My judgments. I have reserved those secrets for Me.* I AM GOD. I will reveal them in My Time.

You must lay down the cares of this world and get close to Me. Stop watching so much t.v. Stop playing your games. Stop playing with your little idols. Your churches are full of idols but they are not full of Me. I AM GOD I AM coming soon. I will not have filth in My house, My Church. I AM going to cleanse the churches, first. You will see, I divide with a sword. Wheat and tares. There are many, many tares and not enough wheat. Get busy! Get to work doing your Father’s business! Spread My Kingdom. Tell others about Me. I AM good and I love, but I AM also just and I must judge.

Your theology is off you think you have the “End Times” figured out but you do not. I reserve some things for Myself to reveal in My times. I told Daniel to seal these things up to the Time of the End. No one would understand until then, I AM King of the Whole Earth.

I see all the dirty and the poor and the sin. Rich people in rich houses who think themselves great will fall. Races are raging against each other, are they not? Did I not say nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom? It’s (end times) not going to happen like you think it will. There’s no “great escape”. My will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. I will take some here and there, but not like you think, like you’ve been taught. It’s error and you have built a life on a lie thinking you get to get out of here at the 1st sign of trouble. I tell you, you will not. You have your part. I have My times. You are to be about My business, quit worrying when you can leave. I’ll say when.

The way gets narrower and narrower as you lay down the things of this life. As you lay down those things you become more like Me, you look more like My Kingdom and soon others can’t tell a difference, you are so like Me. It’s how it was in the days of the Book of Acts you’ve been reading. Peter looked so much like Me, this is why his shadow could heal. He was shedding things of this world and becoming like Me. Paul – he lost so much in this world, he gave up much but his reward has been great. You will do Great Exploits in this time, but only if you look like Me. I mean, you must love like Me. Don’t look on the outer shell of a person, but see who they are on the inside, because they are broken. They need Me, so don’t judge the outside. You don’t know their hearts.

I AM calling all who can, Come to Me. There are many, but they need you (the Christians) to bring Me to them. If someone was sick and you had the medicine they needed, you wouldn’t just say, “get well” you would take them the medicine. I AM the medicine for this lost and dying world. So take Me to them. It is not My will that any should perish, but that all should have everlasting life. They need someone to preach them. No, don’t hit them over the head kind of preaching, but the kind that comes from love. Seeing their needs. You take care of their needs: food, water, shelter and preach to them. Cast out the devils and heal the sick.

Lay down your cares and become like Me. I will show you how if you will only come to Me and sit with Me. Spend time with Me so you become more like Me and less like the world. Why do you love it so much? I tell you, I have something so much better.

This world is not going to last. You can’t count when, you don’t know the days I’ve numbered. You must just depend on Me. When you see awful and terrible things, depend on Me. When you have needs, depend on Me I will get you through.

Some of you are taking a rough road, but a harder road is not necessarily a bad one. There are great rewards at the end for those who make it through. Some of you take a high road, some take a low road. You follow Me, I will lead you on your road and I will help you through it. It’s your faith, depend on Me, have faith that I will provide things you don’t see here.

It looks like “it’ll never happen” or “it’s impossible”. Am I not the God of the impossible? I parted the Red Sea, they (Israel) crossed the Jordan on dry land. I made the rod to sprout. I AM STILL THAT GOD! I fed the 5,000, I arose from the dead and through Me, others were raised. I AM the God of visions and dreams and miracles.

Quit listening to those who tell you it’s all ok and life will be easy. No it won’t! They are setting you up to fail. Faith is not some “magic pill.” It does not just spring into action and produce marvelous things. It grows. It is developed and that means going through hard things to see that yes, I will provide.

I AM not a “magic” God. Things don’t “just happen”. I work all things out for the good of those who love Me. That means I set into motion events long before you ever knew you would need something. I put it into place. I do miracles, but don’t seek signs and wonders, that is a wicked and perverse generation. They will follow after false prophets and false christs because they can produce signs & wonders.

I do signs and wonders when it is needed and to advance My Kingdom. I perform miracles to show the unbeliever. It should not come as a surprise to the believer. You should already know it (your provision) will happen when you pray in faith and stand on My promises.

So look to Me, set your eyes on Me. I have just told you, things (end times) won’t happen the way you think they will because you see through a glass darkly. I have set things into motion. Your job is to trust in Me, don’t worry about “end times” just keep your eyes on Me and preach My Kingdom. Be about My Father’s business until I come. Help others to find Me, lay hands on the sick, yes, cast out devils and even raise the dead. You will do Great Exploits like the Book of Acts or greater if you will draw near to Me in this time. Be obedient. Be in My Word. Praise Me and I will use you. Don’t lose faith. There are great rewards in the end for those who persevere.”

Genesis 16:13, 22:2-14

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*Daniel 12:8-12; Revelation 10:1-4, 7; Isaiah 9:6-7

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Matthew 16:4; 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

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