“I have unfailing compassion for you,” says The LORD.

“It is abundant, inexhaustible, unimpeachable and renewable daily. I said, It does NOT fail. My love for you does NOT FAIL.

“I cannot fail and I cannot and will not fail you. My ways and My thoughts and My plans and My purposes for you do not change with situations.

“I AM not threatened by them, and you should not be intimidated by them either. They do not dictate to Me. DO not let them dictate to you either.

“They cannot distract or deter Me, and they have no power over you either. They do not limit ME, and you are not limited either, for I AM able to do all things, and I will enable you to do all things through ME despite your circumstances,” says The LORD.

“When could anything or anyone overpower Me? For there is no authority that can dictate to ME,” says The LORD.

“Trust that I did not call you to lag behind or be defeated by the enemy. I have made you a mighty conqueror in ME.

“I have fully equipped you to be a Victor always. Nothing surprises Me, so I AM never unprepared. I have prepared you for every situation that comes your way ahead of time and you are COMPLETE in ME always.

“Trust in Me at all times and remember that I have empowered you for life that is now and forever. It is not some day that you are to defeat the enemy, destroy his works and triumph over him, but NOW,” says The LORD.

Source: Our Ultimate Victory by June Sheltrown Reinke

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