In My Book of Life
There are many names
Written in Blood
None of them the same
Unique, Blessed people
Who strived to please Me
They were not perfect
They just had a chance to see
I AM the Source
Of All Good Things
And they were drawn to Me
Like moths to a flame
And even in the heat of fire
The threat of singed wings
They would not leave My Light
To follow dark kings
The ones who catch you in the night
Dull your sense of wrong and right
The ones who do not know your names
Are only concerned with their own fame
The ones who live in vast estates
Behind high walls and guarded gates
In castles strong with many rooms
Overlooking all they rule
Believe their serfs are simple fools
These ones need to hesitate
And take a look at history
All the kings before them
Are laying in their graves
Same as the knaves
The peasants and chattel
The ones they looked down on
Are at the same level
As them
Yet they pretend they are great
Do you think their names
Are written in My Book?
There are many in My Bible
Their stories told
How did they fare
Those kings of old?
Power does corrupt
Men were not made to handle it
Or wield it on their fellow men
They were created
To Worship Me
Or come to a tragic end
I AM speaking of My Book of Life
The one where I paint
My Family Tree
Filling in the branches
With names of ones who did
Worship Me
And there are names of kings there
Though few and far between
But most of them are commoners
Who suffered poverty
Poor in a world
That glorifies wealth
Sick in a world
That strives for health
Flawed in a world
That admires the beautiful
Rebellious in a world
That insists the dutiful
Blindly obey the rulers
Of the day
But they
Obeyed Me
The King of Eternity
They are the ones
Who will observe
My Book of Life
Perpetually preserved
In My Heavenly Home
And when all the stories
Are said and done
The deeds and motives
Of everyone
That received the chance
To prove themselves
As to where their allegiance lay
The only thing that will Truly matter
Is that Book full of names
For all the other tomes and homes
Are going down in flames

Ecclesiastes Chapter 12
Isaiah Chapter 14
Revelation Chapter 20

Source: Going Down in Flames – Ruth Johnson

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