The tares will be exposed .The wheat will be gathered , all eyes will see . I will pour out my Spirit and discernment on my children . The tares are living among you claiming to be Christians. They speak like Christians, look like Christians, dress like Christians but belong to Satan . They have been planted among you to cause strife and discord. They are your friends, family and your coworkers. Step away from them they will deliver you up to the authorities. The tares are not Christians. Their goal is to distract you and keep you from fulfilling your purpose. It is imperative you review your circle of friends right now . The enemy has infiltrated it. Rebuke them in my name and they will flee. I know these days have made you weary, everything is about to change .SOON YOU WILL BE WITH ME IN MY FATHERS HOUSE . I will gather you to me do not be discouraged. I will never leave you behind. I LOVE YOU DEARLY.

Source: THE TARES WILL BE EXPOSED – Barbara Francis

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