Their hearts have grown cold, wickedness abounds. They say in their hearts there is no God. They have not been taught my ways or taught about me. They lurch from one crisis to another. They are out of control. They live in darkness. Murdering their children and pets leaves them without conviction. They just don’t care what consequences may be the result of their actions . There is no empathy or remorse. My eyes see every deed, nothing is hidden from me. I see the false teaching and doctrines of demons that man can not recognize becoming the truth for them. I see this all over the earth, in every country and nation. Where is the humility? There is none. I see cold hearted men women and children. I see a culture of death worldwide. Life is not honored. I see evil and perversions. Many do not believe in heaven or in hell. I will make a change in time. FEAR NOT WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE WITH YOUR EYES. In the coming days man will understand that GOD IS ALIVE .

Original Article Can Be Found Here

Source: Hearts Have Grown Cold – Barbara Francis

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