“I will fill you with My Glory,” says The LORD, “for you are My Dwelling Place and you are My Royal Priesthood.

“You are the vessel of honor that I will use to display My Power and Glory in the earth.  Do not look to the future, but see Me at work NOW.  You have longed for the depths of My Spirit, and you have longed for more.

“I have answered, “Yes!”  I will give you the desire of your heart.  I will fill you with My Spirit and My Power.  My Life will flow from you in river proportions: no more trickles and ripples of blessings, but waves of glory and grace.

“It is time for the flood gates of My Presence and Power to burst forth into every place and space of the earth,” says The LORD.

“It is time for My power to be displayed in its fullness in you and coming forth from you,” says The LORD.

“When I said that out of your innermost being will flow rivers of living Water, I meant it.  It is My desire to flood the earth with My Spirit and My Glory.

“You are to carry Me and My glory everywhere you go and change the environs all around you with the light of My presence.

“I desire to fill every place and every space with My presence and glory, and enlighten even the darkest corners of the world with My light.

“I desire you to be a conduit of My Glory as you empty yourself out so that I can fill you with Myself and flow out of you the life giving, transforming power of My Spirit,” says The LORD.

Source: A Conduit of The LORD’s Glory by June Sheltrown Reinke

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