Vision 329: Encouraging Testimony of Moses and Hidden Secrets in the Arctic/Antarctica. Jesus said, “There are hidden secrets beneath the ice.” He reminded me of the Book of Enoch and Steve Quayle. [Holy Spirit has also spoken of Steve Quayle to me so I follow his research.] – Sharlene (ThePropheticBride), Canada 10/25/21

Posted: October 27, 2021 in EVIL/VILE seeks to win souls: lies, steals, kills, destroys, manipulates, deceit. Lawless sin increases. Global "reset" sought: national betrayals, cyber wars, economic treason, Fear is NOT an option for God's Remnant. FAITH is BOLD & Active., HOPE in almighty GOD as your SHIELD from the enemy, Prophetic voices 2021. Let Hope arise as Jesus Saves!

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