Beautiful and Encouraging Message for the Bride – Terri Hennessey, 11/1/21

Posted: November 2, 2021 in 2021...Hope arises as Jesus Saves!, JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!, Joy and FAITH, Warrior Bride of Jesus: Instructions, Wilderness Exodus Leaning on Our Beloved Lord

Nov 1/21 12:10 PM

Yes daughter write My words,

Oh My Bride, what a gift and blessing you are to My heart. Those of My Beloved who worship from the heart through the spirit, I elevate you into My throne room. I embrace you and love you beyond anything you can comprehend on this side of eternity. You will know as you are known, when you experience the abounding love that is Heaven. My Bride, I AM so excited that you will be with Me soon; never to be apart for all eternity. Endless exploration and discovery awaits My Beloved. A honeymoon you will never forget and an eternity of joy; ecstasy will be at the top of My agenda for you each and every waking moment. You will rest like you’ve never rested in your entire lives. You will live and be filled with nothing but goodness all the days for eternity. Look forward to this My Beloved Bride. I AM so looking forward to the very near day when we will be together. That day is so very near My Bride. Be excited; be grateful, for your soul will certainly be shocked with excitement and joy for what I have planned for My precious Bride. I love you more than you can ever fathom. How close we are. Sing and rejoice. I AM.

Your Loving Bridegroom,

Source: Beautiful and Encouraging Message for the Bride – Terri Hennessey

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