Do You Feel Like You’ve Been Pulled Back? Well, Get Ready To Launch! – Kathi Pelton, 11-5-21

Posted: November 6, 2021 in Uncategorized

Remnant: Get ready to launch!

Oceans in the Desert

Kathi Pelton

Kathi Pelton

This morning I was taken into a vision of God’s people being pulled back by some unseen force. They were confused, disoriented and even resisting this force that was seemingly pulling them back. Then I was taken to see the the greater picture and they were actually in God’s hand as he held a massive slingshot. He had his people in this slingshot (they are the stone) and he was pulling it back with great force— further and further. The pressure was getting great and greater the further he pulled back. He was aiming at a great “Goliath” type giant that was mocking, opposing, threatening and arrogantly fearless of God’s people. But he was forgetting that they were in the hand of God.

That was the end of the vision but I distinctly felt as though the “pulling back” was just about complete and a great…

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