NOVEMBER 18, 2021

November 18, 2021

Scriptural Reference:  Micah 2 (Amplified)


“The inoculation against life (the CV19 jabs) leads to immunity to truth.

Once the people move forward in the elite plan to destroy humanity, by removing the truth by manipulation, fear will be ramped up by revealing the true problems.

The global chaos will rise, with more deadly weapons unleashed.

The global cry for a medical miracle to undo the damage done, will be met by the mark of the beast.

Will repentance come when the damage is felt by the immunized masses?

Mostly not, yet there are still souls who will come into My Kingdome when the truth shines through My people.

A deadly plague is coming, but the power for healing from Heaven is coming too.

Harvest comes first, then the celebration banquet.

Winning souls comes when the broken hearts are open to the truth, yet massive tares are amongst the wheat.

You will know who are My people, by the truth they speak, with repentance the tone of their message.

Great sorrow is coming to this planet, but so will be the joy of harvest in the midst of it.

Get ready to serve others.

Prepare for a revival of truth amongst the wheat, but a destructive cry for hatred by the tares.

Stand strong in My Might and watch what I will do through you.”

Source: THE UNFOLDING PLOT – Linda Hasche

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