“You will break forth in singing, for I will give you a heart that is full of My joy and gladness,” says The LORD.

“You will give birth to the NEW, and you will embrace it. Instead of a cry, you will laugh. You will rejoice in Me always and not have sorrow.

“It will be a joyful sound and not one of mourning. The days of grief will soon be over. The days that you had dreamed about will come to fruition.

“I love to do things suddenly and unexpected blessings await you. Trust that I will pour out My Spirit upon you and cause your hearts to be filled with praises and thanksgiving to ME Who brings you into the fullness of MY blessings that enrich you and are void of sorrow.

“Rejoice I say, and be glad, for the former things are done away with, to make way for the new,” says The LORD.

“Your songs and hymns and spiritual songs will fill the land of your inheritance,” says The LORD.

“The enemy will cower to the sound of the music of My Kingdom. The blast of your praises will penetrate darkness with great power and defeat the kingdom of the evil one.

“Open your mouth and I will fill it with songs of deliverance! For I will not have you held in bondage and prison.

“I will not have you in shackles and chains. I will break them off you and release you from the false authorities of the dark one and give you not only the advantage, but certain victory over every enemy as you push them back, spoil their goods and possess new territory for My Kingdom,” says The LORD.

Source: Your Songs of Deliverance by June Sheltrown Reinke

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