Please use discernment…

Celebration of Lights! What a glorious time My Love(s)! The festivities in Heaven are in full swing as everything has been prepared for this glorious time! Prepare to meet your King! The One who loves you beyond your imagination! I am singing a new song over you My Loves, and soon and very soon you will be in My arms! Prepare now for what is coming is here, and the day that you have longed for is finally upon you! Not one of you have waited as long as Me, and I am finally given such a grand gift of My Bride from the Father!

Your lights will shine even brighter when I change you. Prepare and be ready! Stay on the watch for you don’t know the exact moment of My visitation, but you will know by all the noise that I am coming and bringing your Transformation. I do not tarry. I do not delay. There is nothing that remains to be done. All of Heaven is waiting and on high alert! We are holding our breath to let out those cheers of joy for those of you that I will call! Do not hesitate to believe that now is the time! I will rescue you, and the delight you will know is indescribable! Nothing compares to what I am about to do, both in and through My Bride! There has never been a time such as this! The Enemy is running for the hills as My Bride steps onto the center stage in a matter of moments! Soon to be revealed for such a time as this!

Yes, this is your warning message and now is the time to post it! Not what you expected but a good warning! Smiles! A gift My Love! A gift!

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