I was asking The LORD questions regarding many things.

This is what I can share of His Reply, that I believe is for all believers, “Again I say, do not worry or fear.

I’ve got it all in My Hands. It will be nothing for Me to do this, as you know.

I understand you are tired of waiting, but this all has to be in My Timing, not yours.

So much is getting ready to happen, as I literally open Heaven and Earth for expansion.

Wait and see! For I, The LORD, have been busy preparing for the time at hand.

My Glory has filled the Heavens and is getting ready to overflow onto the Earth!

I can hardly wait!

Hope comes forth on the wings of Angels, as I ride forth.

Get ready! Get ready! Get ready, for you will never be the same!”


God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Source: Hope Comes Forth! by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

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