Yes daughter write My words,

My child, I AM about to shake the world. I AM about to pour down and bring forward all who are harvest workers, for the fields are ripe. They are ready. My glory, poured out on every willing vessel unto honor. They will be delivered and empowered, strengthened from On High. My glory will shine through.

The day is here. It is at hand. All Remnant of My great and powerful army, prepare I say! Prepare! Cling to Me, sing praises to My Name, for I AM the Power and Glory in you and I AM your Rearguard and Strong Tower and I AM the Rock you stand upon. Fear not for I AM with you. My light shines upon your feet and My Spirit directs and leads your steps. You will run and not grow weary. You will be My hands, My feet, My mouthpiece, to declare to the Nations that the Glory of the Lord is risen and pours out upon the Nations. To the righteous, bringing eternal life and to the wicked, damnation. Repent I say! Repent!

My kingdom, My power, My authority comes. For I am the Great and Awesome God of all gods. King of all kings and Lord of all lords.
Yahuah Yahweh Jireh

Source: The day is here. It is at hand – Terri Hennessy

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