“I The LORD say, “The earth is about to get turned on its head!

For little does mankind actually realize and understand the power I have. But the whole world is about to find out! Then The Fear of The LORD will become real.

Those with hard reprobate hearts will understand more, but so many sold their souls for power, fame, fortune, and more. Woe to those who sold their souls!

Mankind is about to wake up as never before. Not because of what they or any one person does, but because of what I will be doing.

More will come running into My Arms for Salvation, than ever before.

My Time is upon Heaven and earth and no one or nothing can stop Me. My Harvest is white. Are you ready for it?

Are you ready? Is your lamp lit? Do you have oil in your lamp?

Have you been spending time with me?

Time with me puts oil in your lamp. Don’t forget. I should be your first love. I should be the one you love most. Do you?”

God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Source: Are You Ready for It? ~by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

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