JESUS…Name above all names!

Oceans in the Desert

By Kathi Pelton

On New Year’s Eve, during a worship service, I was taken into the Spirit and I saw a great procession of God’s people marching forward as one great army or company. Directly in front of this sea of people was the name of JESUS. I didn’t “see” Jesus— only his name. It was going before us— clearing the way and directing us like the pillar of fire or the cloud that directed the children of Israel when they came up out of Egypt. His name directed them, cleared the way, brought protection, provision and victory.

There has been such a powerful move of God in worship and prayer over the past months that is centered around his name and the power of his name. Often, I will find myself in my prayer times merely declaring his name(s) over and over— and every burden and every prayer and…

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