Before I share the very short vision I received, I would like to provide some background:

1.In British military tradition, ‘The Last Post’ is the bugle call (also played on a trumpet) that signifies the end of the day’s activities.

It is also sounded at military funerals to indicate that the soldier has gone to his final rest and also at
commemorative services such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

2. My brother used to play the Last Post in Highschool, he played both the trumpet and bugle.
I used to try play both instruments when I was little and am familiar with what they look like.

3.A few days before my vision I was reading an ancestry book and came across the sheet music of “The Last Post.” As I play the piano and read sheet music, I remember following the notes and humming the tune in my head.

Vision received 13th January 2022.

I saw a man with ginger hair and beard. He held a Trumpet to his mouth. I knew immediately through the Spirit that he was in the U.K.
He then played the beginning bits of the “The Last Post.” I remember checking to see the instrument again, it was definitely a trumpet.

End of Vision.

Upon seeing this I immediately thought of the biblical trumpets blowing, as well as the solemness that usually accompanies this tune.
It felt like a warning, or an ending.

I also thought about the meaning as a final online final post or final message. The warnings are coming to an end now.
It’s also interesting that I was reading the sheet music days before, the confirmation came before the vision.

When the Holy Spirit pressed upon me to post this, I asked the Lord which scripture confirmed the vision.

Over the last two years, the Lord has been sending me many confirmations and information about the Tribe of Benjamin. There have been so many that I reached the point where I asked the Lord If I am
from that particular tribe, I received even more references and confirmations to this question. So I have been lead to accept that this is possibly the case.
The reason I mention this, is that the Lord personalised the confirmation to myself by mentioning Benjamin.

Scripture given:

Jeremiah – 6:1 (KJV)
O ye children of Benjamin, gather yourselves to flee out of the midst of Jerusalem, and blow the trumpet in Tekoa, and set up a sign of fire in Bethhaccerem: for evil appeareth out of the north, and great destruction.

What I took from this, is that the trumpets have blown, the bride is preparing to leave and Russia prepares its attack.

I leave this for you to take to the Lord in prayer for your own confirmation and further interpretation.

Pray for lost souls, especially souls in the military all over the world.

The Lord is so good, may we rest in him always.

Blessings always
Lisa B.

Source: The Last Post – Lisa B

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