Many will crawl through the streets weeping and wailing, their bodies covered with sores and boils. Madness will overtake them. Others will be as animals eating grass in the fields. It has been written; you have been warned [in Revelation]. Evil’s time has come. Take no mark in your right hand or forehead. You will have to choose eternal life or damnation.

Will you comply with the New World order mandates? My messengers have been shouting from the rooftops preparing the way for my return. Have you heeded the warnings? Right now, the authorities have a plan prepared to enslave the resistance. Extermination will begin with the weakest. Pestilence will continue; more plagues will be unleashed. Food scarcity and famine will kill millions on earth. This is a globally orchestrated plan. A great earthquake will shake the earth. This catastrophic event will allow the leaders to implement new laws. No man will be able to buy or sell without the mark, or the number of his name and the number is 666. This is the MARK OF THE BEAST. Repent now! The earth is groaning; disaster after disaster will strike. Where is your wisdom? Open your eyes and see the danger that lies ahead.

I went away to prepare a place for you I AM COMING FOR YOU.

Source: It has been written you have been warned – Barbara Francis

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