I received this Word with Fire this morning.

“The enemy is revealing his cards right now. The facade he has been hiding behind is now crumbling. His agenda is being revealed.

Look and see what is really taking place undercover for it is being revealed now,” says The LORD.

“Turn to Me and look at My Plans. For I have great and mighty plans that you know nothing of. But I will reveal them step-by-step and you shall see that all is well in Ky Kingdom,” says God.

“For I AM doing a new work inside of you and I AM turning your heart towards Me, and your mind is being connected with Mine as you see and receive the Truth.

Look higher, come nearer to Me. Leave all behind and climb the mountain of The LORD. I AM about to reveal secret and mysterious things to you as you connect with Me in the Glory.

This is only for those who receive Me by faith. Let Me remove all blockages. Let My Spirit flow through your spirit, washing away all the dirt and debris of the lies that you have believed.

I AM doing a quick work in My People, for time is of the essence.

This is the time of a great falling away. It is time to decide what side of the fence you are on, whether you are hot or cold. There is no lukewarm in My Kingdom.

Remove all doubt and look to Me, for as many as receive Me, to them I will give the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Source: The Enemy Is Revealing His Cards ~by Heidi Bryden

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