The Body of Christ needs to demonstrate greater Integrity and Maturity.

Please Saints, for the sake of your own walk with Jesus, do not seek to ride the wave of another’s revelation, because you are spiritually lazy and have not cultivated a lifestyle of deep intimacy with God through Prayer.

It is only in His Presence where He reveals that which has been concealed concerning a matter.

Let us become seekers of His Presence, rather than stealers of another man’s revelation, which just sets us up to be mere spectators, rather than Kingdom Partakers!

Prayer to be a seeker of God…

Dear heavenly Father,

Sometimes I have trouble
Finding the time or desire
To seek Your Presence.

Plant in me, oh LORD,
The spirit of a seeker of God.
Let Your Spirit transform me
And inspire me to
Discover You in new ways.

Free me from my comfort zone,
Break down my structures,
And may Your Kingdom
Reign again to my heart.

May I arise early
Or stay up late
Just to be with You.

Let me escape,
Even just for a minute,
At any moment
To be overwhelmed
By Your loving Grace.

Give me, oh LORD,
The spirit of a seeker of God.

May it be my permanent quest,
May it be my primary goal,
For the rewards are celestial,
And the Glory, Yours alone.

I pray for this in the Name,
Of the Most High,
Jesus Christ,

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Source: Prayer to Be a Seeker of God ~by Veronika West

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