Since the Tonga Volcano eruption occurred, the Holy Spirit has been speaking frequently about the devastation for the S. Pacific region.  Though media coverage is sparse in true details, this eruption was felt and impacted as far away as Alaska.  Hawaii had increased wave action as a direct result and a tsunami warning.  The true depth and impact is nearly world wide and extremely significant in the Southern Hemisphere.

Jeremiah 10:10 KJV
But the Lord is the true God, he is the living God, and an everlasting king: at his wrath the earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation.

Holy Spirit –

Children, these are the warning shots.

If you haven’t awoken from your slumber then you should.  I AM literally shaking you awake!  You, many of you still do not seem to care.  You ignore because to be alert and awake would require that you take action!

You do NOT want to REPENT!  You do NOT want to draw near me, you know that doing so would require you to take a hard look at your idolatrous life.  You are to comfortable in your sin, living in such great denial, that you are near the end of life as you’ve always known it.

Here is what you need to know…DENIAL WILL NOT STOP WHAT IS UNFOLDING!

You can hide in your sin but it will not cover you like the blanket you believe it is!  It is not your shield from evil, it is evil itself!

I AM is the shield from evil!  I AM your true and only refuge.  You have held onto the belief that you can hide from me but that has never been true!  I AM in love with you, although you reject me!  I hate that the choices you’ve made have separated you from the only true protection you have in this life.

There are no second chances AFTER DEATH.  You don’t get to reincarnate, there is no “do over” and no opportunity to do better next time!  There is NO Next Time!  Hebrews 9:27

Hell is eternal separation from me.  Don’t you understand?  The very things that you cling to on this earth, the evil things you love and adore, will be revealed for their true consequence and evil and will be the reminder of why you did not get to spend eternity with me!

Every choice has a consequence.  This rockin’ and a rollin’ you have experienced is my signal that time is incredibly short and you MUST CHANGE your ways or be eternally punished.

Do NOT deny my love for you.  I have used this prophet to warn you a number of times, I have sent others, too.

**You say, that I AM is not a loving god, because He sent His Son to die.  I AM a Loving Almighty God because I sent MY SON TO DIE FOR YOU!

I wanted to have relationship, direct relationship, not some prayer you say to some statue, or saint you have heard the Catholics chose and teach on, in place of my Son.  They do not know me!  My relationship is direct and personal.

My Son could relate to every experience man must endure on earth, yet He never succumbed or submitted to those temptations to do what is evil in my sight.  He suffered the death you deserve for your sin.  The result is a direct access to me, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week!  Now you can talk to me and I listen but only, only when you confess your sin and walk with me.  You must desire a relationship, with your creator, your Heavenly Father.

You must not worship, follow or practice what other leaders, gods or saints have taught!  Exodus 20:3-5Matthew 15:9,  Mark 7:7Matthew 5:18

I AM the ONLY GOD!  I AM True all others are false!  You can’t pick and choose things different worship practices from others that conflict with my ways!  My ways are not your ways!  Isaiah 55:8

Anything that corrupts the purity of my teachings are lies and an abomination to me. Matthew 5:18Revelation 22:18-19 Those who teach them and those who follow them will have consequences!  Do not seek man for solutions to problems that only I can deliver you from.

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