I Declare right now, “LORD, do it again! When you delivered Daniel from the lions’ den and shut their mouths, do it again.

As you breathed life into an army of dry, dead bones, do it again!

As you walked into that fiery furnace and told the flames to back off your children, do it again!

If it’s healing we need, healing is brought. If it’s provision, You bring provision!

If it’s peace, then You bring the peace that passes all understanding.

That atmosphere of limitations is broken. That mindset of “I know God has met a need here, but this time maybe He won’t meet my need” is broken.


LORD, Your Power can do anything! As I trust you have heard these words declaring not only over my life, but the lives of those reading these words.”

I say: “Do It Again, LORD!”

Source: LORD, Do It Again! ~by Dana Jarvis

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