A series of catastrophic events will plunge the earth into darkness setting off a chain reaction of disastrous events on mankind. As I said in the beginning, let there be light, I will say in the end let there be darkness. I will speak just punishment to unrepentant man. Famine will cover the earth because crops have withered on the vine. Panic and violence will be commonplace. The animals will die off. Man will resort to cannibalism in an effort to survive. Man’s stored up riches will be worthless. Man’s technology will be silenced, and he will realize his quest for knowledge has been futile and if anything has contributed to his demise. The war-ravaged earth will be unrecognizable. Man has turned away from his creator and chased after other Gods and demons. He has refused to heed warnings of destruction and disaster. This is the last generation; another ungodly one will not follow as man has turned cold hearted and thinks nothing of killing his own offspring. You will see great signs in the sun, moon and stars as time races to completion.

Source: A series of catastrophic events – Barbara Francis

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