I had an experience the other night that seemed more real than a Dream and as if I had really been somewhere in my sleep.

I was in The Spirit somewhere out in a dry land, standing beside an old house, level with the foundation of the house.

I called out loudly, “Release Your Glory, Oh God!” I heard a terrified shriek come from the old house, and all of a sudden the sky lit up with the lightnings of God with a loud, resounding crack of thunder, unlike any sound on earth.

The lightnings lit up the sky, the house and the landscape around me, revealing a land that was dry with a few rocks and boulders on it.

The sound of the thunder remained with me in my spirit as I came out of this encounter.

As I have contemplated the meaning of this encounter, the following came out of it:

Release Your Glory!

Expose the enemy!

Expose the hidden things that are trapped beneath the foundation of our lives.

Come in Power!

Release Your Lightnings!

Burn away every doubt and fear, every rock and stubble be removed, and water the ground with Your Spirit.

Let the ground flourish and break forth, the seeds of Your Word placed in our spirits.

Spring forth to life, all the promises that have lain dormant, over the years, over generations past.

Call forth Your Remnant.

Call forth The Watchmen on the wall!

Pour out a Spirit of Intercession and release Your Glory!

Father, cleanse Your People with the washing of Your Word, Your Truth and Your Love.

Crown us with love and compassion.

Heal our land as we renew our Covenant with You, Oh Lord!


Source: God’s Lightnings Will Expose the Enemy! ~by Heidi Bryden

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