Sunday, February 13, 2022

Matthew 11:15 He who has ears, let him hear.
Message to the leaders of Europe:

“Who gave his breath of life to man while he was in the garden? Who created man and knows his origin? Who formed the woman and knows her destiny? Where do the spirits of the children who inhabit the tabernacles of flesh given by their parents come from? And once this life is over, once the threshold of death is crossed, where do all these men, women and children go? Who can say? Oh man who thinks he is learned and sins, you know nothing. Your truths are only opinions. You are crushed by sin, and you insist on revealing yourself as a God to other men? All flesh will wither, all matter will perish. What will be left of this man then? His spirit will be weighed in the scales of eternity. The Righteous Judge of all men will then render his verdict and the soul of the man will be given its just value: the value of his degree of light that he will have acquired during this brief sigh on earth. What will your works be? What will your thoughts reveal? How will your actions betray you? And your heart, will it be pure or stained with indelible ink?

Oh men of Europe, you have set before you golden calves that you worship. You have been doing this for a long time, but in the last two years you have become completely blind. You disgust me. What have you done with the little light that my Holy Word has brought you? Where are the ears to listen to Him who knows all the truth, the past, the present and the future? Oh foolish people, you have only the leaders you deserve. I find no light in you. From the east to the west, my angels travel this blessed land of many riches, but they have difficulty finding an ounce of light and holiness in your desires. As for you rulers, belials, the fire of my indignation awaits you at the final judgment. The intentions of your rotten hearts will be revealed and will cause your downfall. The darkness awaits you where the one who already rules over you, your father Lucifer, will reign.

Oh people of Europe, repent and come to me so that I may make you truly free! For freedom is not the folly of thinking you can do what you want, freedom is not the freedom of a body whose destiny is to return to dust, no! Freedom is when a man sees himself submitted to the light only of his own free will. Freedom is no longer being under the yoke of the evil one. Freedom is being able to live in the light, even beyond the grave. The restrictions will disappear, the longed-for pseudo-freedom will be found, and the masks will fall off, but nothing will have changed. Worse still, desolation is at the door of this old Europe. It has been ravaged once and once again for centuries but you do not understand. My angels call you to repentance but your hearts are hardened. The destruction of Sodom awaits you, it is written, and this edict will not be revoked. Time is short, turn to the one with pierced hands who is the only one in whom you can place your trust. I am preparing for you a true convoy of love, blessings and a heavenly cohort if only you will turn away from sin and choose Life!

I am Christ and my time is coming soon. Be ready!”

Source: Message to the leaders of Europe! – Pierrick from France

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