So, last night and again this evening I clearly heard The Spirit say these Words, “Watch and pray, as a Political Domino Effect comes into play.

For even as The Bear Nation bites down hard, so the tail of The Dragon Nation will strike suddenly and without warning upon the nation of Taiwan.

So I say, look and look again, for surely I tell you the Plumb Line of My Justice and Righteousness has fallen upon the boundary lines of The Nations, and the playbook of war for global domination has now been opened.

For sheep and goats Nations are now coming into perfect alignment with My Kingdom assignment.

Did I not say, a Divine Tipping Point brings forth the turning of a new page for The Nations, and that The Spirit and Power of Elijah comes in the mighty Whirlwind to reconcile the books of all The Nations of the earth?

Watch! For the season of swords and sickles. Yes! Swords and sickles are now come upon The Nations of the earth, for a divine distinction is now taking place in The Valley of Decision.

Listen! For the sound of My Gavel shall be heard reverberating across The Nations, for My Courts are now in session, as The Nations of the earth are being weighed upon the scales.

Look! I say to you, these are the days of Elijah. These are the days of Daniel, for the writing is on the wall and many Nations will be found wanting as the Whirlwind of My Spirit now moves forth across the Nations!”

Friends I submit the above Word for the purpose of fervent Prayer and Intercession. The LORD is speaking loud and clear. He who has ears, let him hear The Word of The LORD….

See both links below that run parallel to the above Prophetic Utterance.

God seems to be reiterating His Word in this hour.

The First Link : Speaks to the Turning of a New Page for Nations, a Divine Distinction, and The Scales of Justice and The Season of Swords and Sickles”

Golden Threads Reveal a Divine Sequence and a Prophetic Timeline

The Second link : Speaks to a Warning of a Political Domino Effect Coming Into Play.

The Bear, the Dragon and the Beast From the East

Please read the second link here below:

The Bear, the Dragon and the Beast From the East

“In prayer this afternoon while seeking The LORD concerning The Nations, I heard The Spirit say, “Watch and Pray, for did I not say that The Bear Nation has emerged from a time of political hibernation with a hunger for War and an appetite for greater territorial occupation and domination among The Nations?

Yes! And did I not say that the Dragon Spirit would strike, and The Bear Nation would invade to take a rich and fertile land?

I say Beloved, Watch and Pray, and pay close attention, for in the days ahead the right hand of The Bear Nation shall shake hands with the right hand of the nation of Turkey and a powerful alliance will be created, and then the two shall come into agreement to form a threefold cord of allegiance with the Beast of The East with a desire to destroy the land flowing with milk and honey.

But I say, Nay! Nay, for when their diabolical plan begins to unfold, a great unraveling will take place, and the demonic threefold cord shall surely be broken, and the strength and military power of The Bear Nation shall be brought to nought.

But! Watch and Pray for surely I tell you, the eye of Leviathan is now upon the fruitful Vineyard, and the tail of The Dragon Spirit is thrashing in the realm of The Spirit, to stir up turmoil and trouble for The Nation of Taiwan.

But I say, keep Watch and Pray, and stay alert, for False Flags and the pointing of fingers will take place to bring a desired distraction from that which is now being fully exposed and uncovered in the realm of darkness.

For I tell you, this is the beginning of birthing pangs as greater and greater shakings and divine disruptions take place as Nation rises against Nation.

For in The Valley of Decision, goat and sheep nations are now being sifted and shifted, scattered and gathered up.

Look and see, for a Demonic Convergence is now taking place over Nations in the midst of birthing, as the spirit of the Antichrist rises to resist the advancement of My Righteous Remnant Army, as they build and establish My Kingdom Government in The Nations of the earth.

And watch! As the spirits of deception and death masquerade as messengers of light, but come seeking to divide and conquer, dominate and occupy more and more territory, by striking fear and torment in the hearts.

Many who have become woke, weak and willing vessels, have fully submitted and surrendered themselves to an Antichrist Agenda and to a One World Order.

I say again — Watch and Pray. For The Bear Nation shall bite down hard, and the tail of The Dragon Nation shall suddenly strike without warning in the coming days!”

Note: The Bear Nation = Russia; The Dragon Nation = China.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Source: Watch and Pray — As a Political Domino Effect Comes Into Play ~by Veronika West

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