MARCH 11, 2022

Daughter, speak of the end of the age and the coming judgement. The books will be opened and each one of you will stand before the Creator. Every hidden thing every detail of your life will be reviewed. Every idle word and deed both good and bad will be brought into the Light and examined. I see deep into men’s hearts. Speak to the unrepentant and evil doers. Speak to the mockers and scoffers. Speak to the unbelievers. Speak to the murderers. I know you and your thoughts; you cannot hide from me. I AM everywhere. I AM all knowing. I AM the beginning and the end. Now the end is before you. If you did not choose to know me in your earthly time, you will have all eternity to consider your life as a man on earth. Eternity. I have called the humble and meek, I have chosen the simple and contrite to speak in man’s words for your own understanding as my ways are higher. Soon all voices will be silent. I AM going to punish the wicked evil doers. I AM going to bring the proud low. Before I pour out my cup of wrath, I AM going to call my chosen to me. Mans’ atrocities have spiraled out of control. I can’t bear to look at the evil. I must cleanse the earth and rid it of evil again.

Original Article Can Be Found Here

Source: the end of the age and the coming judgement – Barbara Francis

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