“Israel, heed My words: Judgment is upon you. Gone are the days of Me granting protection from your enemies. Now, you must either do what they tell you or choose Me over everything else. The light has been removed from your lampstand. Who has bewitched you? Your oil has run out. Your testimony has become tainted with lies. Why do you care what they threaten against you? Repent now. Why is eternity not important to you? So many of you I have lost! You are gone! How can you hear My voice now that you’ve removed your image of Me?! Your country bears My name. Yet you defile the temple of My Holy Spirit. Stop forfeiting salvation. Those left must choose life. Your body is to remain as I created it, without the deposit of another lover. Satan is leaving his mark inside My brides. We can not be married if you possess his image. ~ Yeshua”

Source: “Stop forfeiting salvation.” (Particularly the country of Israel) – April Denise Stefko

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