I had just dozed back to sleep when I saw a hand leaf and stem cutter/ pruner lying on a huge dining room table in a very large mansion.

Then God’s Hand reached through the roof, into the dining room, with a very large bush / tree shears. He used the shears to cut of the blades from the hand pruner.

The LORD spoke, “Again, I say, I AM pruning! Even those who think they are the ‘pruners’ or the ones who believe it is their job to ‘prune’ My creation.

Those who thought they were in the pruning and shaping business to create their world from My Creation, will be no more. Enough is enough is enough!

I AM tired of their evil lies, manipulation and control and destruction of My Creation!

Now it is you, who will be pruned and pulled up from the root, out of the place you have made and grown in for yourself. For you have made an environment of death and destruction, instead of Life and Renewal.

You aren’t trying to save the environment, but to destroy it through your thoughtlessness for others. Only thinking of yourself, and how to get more for you, regardless of the means it takes.

So you manipulate and control to kill My Creation through poison and death of My Creation, to create yours.

What I created in 7 days, you think you are sneakily trying to dismantle and kill through your own means.

Yet, I have told you over and over, I see, hear, and know everything — even in advance! You can’t hide from Me!

My DNA in mankind is Mine! I created mankind in My Image. I do not need help! I did not create mankind in the image of becoming transhuman, or part animal, part insect, or part plant!

I gave mankind intelligence, ability, talent and more to use for good. But too many are using it for evil, to intentionally maim, destroy, and be cruel.

Then they laugh at what they’ve done and made, taking joy in their cruelty. They shout from the rooftops, from stages and wherever they can find a place.

They make songs, dances, movies, and other art about their evil deeds and perversions, both the lies and the sexual proclivities, and take great pride and joy in what they’ve made and done with it.

For those who have taken part in this — there will be no place you can hide.

Remember, I AM Who I AM. I give and take life. I don’t put up with reprobates, idolatry, murder, and more. My consequences have come forth for many already.

I will finish what I’ve started. I will not have Mercy without Repentance and change of heart, to sincerely wanting My Son as your LORD and Savior.

Your garden will die — whereas My Garden and My Obedient Beloveds will come forth for another day.

Passover came in the past and destroyed the firstborn of My enemies. It released My People into a new freedom, new lives, new hope, and for many, a new and greater Relationship with Me.

What will Passover (April 15 sundown to April 23 sundown, 2022) bring for you this year?

Will you celebrate deliverance from the prison you’ve been in?

Will you celebrate death to self, and your ways to My Ways?

Will you celebrate a new relationship with Me?

Will you be as the Israelites who gained their freedom, crossed the Red Sea victoriously, went on to wander through the desert, like you’ve been in the last while, and finally cross the Jordan into the new place I’ve created for you?

Or are you as the one who called himself Pharaoh and his followers, who literally lost everything, with many losing their lives, for blindly following the wrong leader, who was as a puppet on a string to the enemy, chasing his dreams of selfishness, idolatry, following lesser gods, who had helped him to create and rule for a set time?

Are you one who has thought yourself Pharaoh, to rule and reign your kingdom without giving praise, honor, or glory to Me?

Have you sought a Relationship with Me at all?

Are you one who believes you have created everything — your rules, your kingdom, your everything?

Just as I took down the one who called himself Pharaoh of Egypt, so will I take you down. All you who have plotted to destroy my creation.

Passover is coming. You can’t hide from Me.

I AM Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent. Just as the one who called himself Pharaoh, his day came, so will yours.

I AM The LORD and I lie not.

My Reaper comes again, to take that which I have told him to take. He reaps those who have sown evil.

Though I will weep for the souls who refused Me, the earth will be rid of much evil and be a better place, as My Kingdom and My Beloveds come forth.”

Source: The Pruners ~by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

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