Set me free from captivity like a bird freed from a snare that I might seek life and that more abundant.

Set me free to be whom You called me to be a mighty Warrior, a Worshiper, one who speaks forth Your Word with Signs and Wonders following.

Give me an insatiable hunger for Your Words and an increasing thirst for Your Presence.

Allow me to rejoice in dance and to lay hands on the sick and watch them recover before my eyes.

Deliver me of all hindrances to see You move in Your Power and Glory.

Let me only speak Your Words, think Your Thoughts, and do Your Deeds.

Help me to use my time to bring You Glory, to help those in needs, to be a refreshing source to those who need encouragement.

Lift up Your Bride and set her free, clothe her with modesty and strength with eyes only for You, O LORD, my Redeemer!

Source: Interceding for The Bride ~by Yolanda Ballard

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