The Love of God is awakening a sleeping generation of heaven’s children, conceived in darkness and birthed into the dawn of first light, and now suddenly standing in the brightness of the glory of the “Day of The LORD.”

God is one and has one family in Heaven and on earth.

Mankind in Adam was created as son of God with all relational rights, privileges and authority to rule in the world with the love and order of Heaven.

Father God set His Family in His Garden of Life with the instruction to be fruitful and multiply, filling the earth with His Family on earth.

We are created to be one with God in every aspect of family life to The Glory of Father God and His entire Family on earth and in Heaven.

All provision for all aspects of God’s Family in Heaven and on earth are fully available to all members of the family of God.

God is complete in Heaven and on earth when His Family on earth is fully joined by His Love in perfect order with Him and His heavenly Family.

The Love of God is the force and strength flowing from God to bring all into the perfect order of His Word, which is the spoken reality of all creation.

The Beauty of “wholeness” Holiness

The Love of God poured out, filling the hearts and lives of His People, brings wholeness to a shattered incomplete world.

The Family of God on earth, flowing in The Love of God, is to heal and make whole this world as one with God and Heaven.

All dysfunction in this world is a direct result of the disrupted flow of The Love of God into mankind.

The pure Love of God has never wavered. Not even for an instant has The Love of God ever lessened or failed, and it will never fail. (1 Corinthians 131 John 4).

The disruption of the flow of God into man is completely on the part of mankind seeking to be his own god.

Satan, the god of unlove, death and darkness, only exists by the will of man seeking to stand as his own god, apart from being in the bond of marriage in love with God.

Satan Hates Marriage and Family

The natural marriage and family is the earthly pattern of The Love of God in a father, filled with God’s Love nurturing a bride/wife and mother becoming fruitful and multiplying to fill the world with The Love of God.

All of the evil of lack, starvation, murders, sickness, disease, deformities, abortions, wars and so-called natural disasters are the direct results of mankind refusing The Love of God.

Mankind can never be whole without being in love with God, and God can never be complete on earth without the love union with mankind.

The Proposal of God

God on bended knee, honors you with the pure love gift of the humility of death on The Cross to wipe out all debt of your past, and now is proposing marriage of becoming one with Him forever.

He offers you now the authority of His signet Wedding Ring of His Love, Power, and Wisdom in constant oneness of life with Him now and forever.

God : I Love You! Will You Marry Me?

Our Reply : Oh! My LORD, I am so ugly and unclean. How, could I ever accept such a glorious proposal!

I am not worthy, let me get cleaned up and some new cloths and get rid of some unclean things around my life.

You know that I joined The Church some years ago, but have been too busy to … well you know how it is now days. But I truly did ask Jesus to come in my heart and save me.

God : Yes, My precious one, but I am not talking to you about your past life. I know you were Spirit reborn years ago and I AM pleased that you were connected in Jesus and even baptized in water, and at times filled with My Spirit.

Those things are very good and were necessary, and I also know that you have served faithfully at times in The Vhurch.

However, I AM proposing a far greater thing than all you have known or experienced in your past life.

Reply : God, do you mean that the experiences that I have had are not enough to get me to heaven when I die? I sure want to make it to heaven.

God : I AM speaking to you about your life now and not about your going to heaven after you die, but rather the reality of Heaven coming to you and in you now on earth.

Reply : WHAATT?! Can You really do that? What do you really mean by heaven coming to me now? I don’t get it.

God : Settle down, it’s okay! This has been My plan from the beginning. It was lost when Adam and Eve chose to exercise their ability to choose for themselves to be their own god and go their own way.

I sent My only Son Jesus and he clearly reinstated My Plan by seeding the gospel of My Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven into the world.

Now, back to my proposal, I Love you! Will you marry Me?

Do not be concerned about how you see yourself as unworthy now. That is not how you really are.

In the moment you respond to My Love that is surrounding you now and filling your heart with love beyond description, my life of pure holy love will consume you with the fire of passion and fill you with righteousness, peace and joy unspeakable and full of glory.

All you need do is fall in love with Me. You will no longer be just a paid servant but My purified holy Bride now and forever.

Reply : Wow! .……Yes, God, Your love consumes me. I cannot ever again be away from being in total love with You.

I am Yours and Yours alone forever. Your love is sweeter than the sweetest honey of earth, it is greater than the oceans.

I am completely overcome and enraptured with Your love filling me and overflowing out to others and the world around me.

Yes, I will marry you, and serve you forever with all my heart and life, only please never leave me, hold me close in this place of love with you forever.

God : My dearly beloved, I promise, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Others may have left you, but I am with you always.

Reply : Only, please Father God, bear with me for a moment, for I am new in this place of being one with You, am I marrying You Father or Your Son Jesus?

God : My dearly beloved, I sincerely and completely receive you as my precious Bride completing the union of heaven on earth in you. Jesus and I are ONE and you are made ONE with us. We three, Father God, Son Jesus and Bride are now ONE in LOVE in My Holy Spirit.

As it is written,

“I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made PERFECT IN ONE….” John 17:21-23.

New Life in a New World

We are now perfect (mature) in love married to God and raising up sons and daughters of love, free from all past religious restraints, free to fully release God’s Spirit Love empowerment to change the world to the reality of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

All things of God are now possible and coming forth on earth in His pure love flooding our hearts, our lives and the world.

God’s presence of love now abides with us as our loving husband and father to His Bride and many sons and daughters alive with the power of His love now and forever.

The life we once lived no longer exists. His life is now our life as one in perfect love bringing forth God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Source: The God Family Reunion of Heaven on Earth ~by Ron McGatlin

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