[Carol’s note: This is the explosive answer to so many symptoms. Not a respiratory virus at all …but a weaponized evil plot to poison you. Loss of taste & smell common with VENOM! Has God not warned through his prophets of deception, lying and gene-altering treatments by the Snake king’s minions? Seek the Lord on this information and pray for discernment in all things.] Snakes’ venom in C – 1 9. Elite’s Poisoning Schemes being unraveled. – Dr. Ardis, 4/12/22

Posted: April 13, 2022 in Blood of Jesus Mighty to SAVE. Need to BELIEVE you sin for redemption...if seeking forgiveness, Consider $$motives in plagues "needing" new "vax antidotes." Satanic Depopulation agendas., Desecration of human body (temple)/impurity @ DNA level/genetics tampering, EVIL/VILE seeks to win souls: lies, steals, kills, destroys, manipulates, deceit. Lawless sin increases. Global "reset" sought: national betrayals, cyber wars, economic treason, God's prophetic clock preset before the foundations of earth. Choose Jesus today. This minute!, JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!, Prophetic 2022: Overcomers love Jesus, follow God, hear Holy Spirit to Victory, Reptilian venom beastly dragon end of age deceptions. Jesus warned even Elect FOOLED!

The Satanic Link: “Can you think of anything more evil than en.venom.ating the entire world with snake venom?”~ Dr. Ardis


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