“I have seen the travail of your heart and I will heal the deep wounds of your broken heart and I will set you free.

“I will cause My Light to shine forth in darkness, even thick dense darkness, and extinguish it with My radiant Glory. My light will be felt. It is greater than a laser and more penetrating.

“Even as the Apostle Paul of old saw the light of My Glory and it knocked him to the ground, I will cause the light of the countenance of My Face to blaze through the hardest heart and cause them to come crashing down on their face before Me and ask, “Who are you, LORD?”

“My light will break in two every chain of bondage and destroy the works of the devil. My light will illuminate the prison cells of those held captive and I will set them free.

“What and who can abide the fierceness of My radiant Glory? For there is none that can resist My Power and might as I bare My holy Arm and the lightning down of My Arm violently opposes the enemy as I rend the heavens and come down to rescue you,” says The LORD.

“I have heard the sound of your voice when you have cried out to Me,” says The LORD.

“I have recorded every tear. I have seen the travail of your soul and I will act. I will heal the sick. I will liberate the captives. I will intervene. I will save the lost. I will provide. I will!

“For My Hand is not short that it cannot reach you and save you, and My great Name shall be glorified. For just as the sun rises in the east each morning, I will come as the Son of righteousness with healing in My Wings, and those who sat in darkness will see a great Light.

“For I will come with My Light and life and deliver the hopeless and save the ones ready to perish. I will do great and mighty things in the midst of you for I will reward your faithful labors for Me, for your labor is not vain in Me.

“Your prayers of faith in Me have been heard, and I will answer you,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD Will Heal the Deep Wounds of Your Broken Heart ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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